#116: Stop Chasing Shiny Objects: Interview with LinkedIn Expert Shaily Hakimian

It is easy to go after all the things with social media. You can hop on every platform, participate in every group, interact with everyone, and experience burnout OR you can focus your attention to where your potential client is hanging out and cut down on the time you spend on social media. LinkedIn guest expert, Shaily Hakimian shares her wisdom on social media that is not the normal post every day mentality.

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#115: Fall in Love with Social Media

Social media can be a powerful business tool for entrepreneurs when managed properly. To maximize the potential of a social media presence, create a schedule of dedicated time to post and engage with your followers. Create the good you want to see in the world.

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#113: Leave Behind the Hustle

Hustle culture doesn’t have to take over your business. In fact, with systems, boundaries, and intentionally seeking flow you might even find yourself able to work less. Sounds great, right?

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#112: Generosity with a Low Price Tag

Doing Good in the world doesn’t have to cost money. You can give back as an entrepreneur even before you are making a profit in your business. In fact, if you look for ways to give back each day you are more likely to become profitable.

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