#54: Uniquely Yours: Plan for Contentment

Welcome to our second episode of the Uniquely Yours series on the Coaching Hive podcast.  If you remember last week’s episode

you’ll know that I posed a thought for you to explore.  When building your coaching business, focus on your path first and foremost.  This week we will extend that thought a bit more with the idea that you want to spend time and energy planning for contentment inside your life and business.  Today we are going to think about this concept of contentment, and you will walk away with an action item to help you begin the process of building contentment into your coaching business.

With our theme of simplicity, clarity, and vision for 2022 in mind, lets jump in.


What will happen if you have contentment built into your business each day?  You know, that feeling of satisfaction, ease and just plain enjoyment with what you are doing.

The challenge is that this isn’t usually how we operate.  Think about a 9-5 job.  Is it about experiencing contentment or is it about hustle, getting things in by deadlines, and following someone else’s agenda?  Likely all those things.

Now think about an entrepreneur who is in a race to build a big business or even just a successful one.  It is about hustle, long hours, worry, getting things done by a deadline, and maybe still following someone else’s agenda (or path like we talked about in Episode 53).

How many people do you know who build contentment into their day-to-day lives?  You know, the stuff that happens outside of work hours.  This has been a big challenge, especially in United States culture where an individualist approach to life means we are always stretching to reach ahead or trying to keep up.

None of these scenarios lead to contentment.  In fact, they probably lead to the opposite and include burnout, dis-ease, and even feeling frustrated with life.

The question remains, what will happen if you have contentment built into your business each day?  In truth, this doesn’t happen by itself. You must spend time and energy planning for contentment inside your life and business.

No one wants to feel frustrated, burned out, constantly hustling, or worrying about deadlines.  Most people, given the choice, would eagerly sign up for satisfaction, ease, and enjoyment inside their life and business.  

This brings me back to last week’s idea that when building your coaching business, focus on your path first and foremost.  With your path in mind you have already taken a giant leap toward contentment because you are pursuing the business that you desire.  But why stop there?  What if you could incorporate 3 things into your business that will build contentment.

Would you do them?

Main Section

Here they are, three things that you can do to build contentment inside your business.

The first is to craft a mission statement that you incorporate into your daily routine.  This was something that I was lacking early in the Coaching Hive.  I knew it in a broad strokes kind of way, but it wasn’t until encouraged by Donald Miller of Business Made Simple, to put that mission into words and make it a part of my daily routine that I saw contentment and confidence flowing into my business.  The beauty of a mission statement is that it is just one or two sentences.  This is not a dissertation that you have to write.  This is something that you can write.  Something that you can easily memorize and make part of your day.  Why is a mission statement so important?  You can refer back to your mission and let it guide your day-to-day decisions.  If something is not going to further your mission, then maybe this is something that you can let go.  When you consistently say yes to items that will not support your mission you are risking your contentment.  That ease that you probably envisioned when you started your coaching business.  You don’t have to say yes to every opportunity and idea.  This reminds me of The One Thing by Gary Keller.  You can let that mission be your one thing and run decisions through that filter.

The first step is to craft a mission statement.

The second thing to build contentment inside your business is to intentionally schedule time off.  I was recently talking with a coach who is about to start her own coaching business.  One of the first questions I asked her was how many hours do you want to work each week across how many days.  Then I asked her how many weeks she would like to take off each year.  If you do not purposely schedule in the times off and the times you will be working, I can guarantee that the work will bleed into those off days and times.  You will find yourself working more than you imagined or desire.  BUT if you take the time to schedule weeks or days off then your work will fit around that schedule.  This is a process used by many successful business owners including Stu McLaren, who has a multi-million-dollar business.  He and his wife are intentional every single year to schedule in the most important things first, like family vacations, and then fit the business around those dedicated times and events.  They are spending time and energy to build contentment into their life.

Number two.  The second thing to build contentment into your business is to intentionally schedule time off.

Finally, shift your mindset.  Remind yourself that it is ok to experience contentment in your business.  Too often we see people suffering in their day-to-day job, whether it is a entrepreneurial adventure or a corporate job.  The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way.  When we see others suffering, it is easy to think that this must just be the way it is.  My friend, it doesn’t have to be the norm.  What if you shift your mindset to one of contentment and searching for those moments of ease?  Can you imagine the ripple effect this could have?  For instance, what if you are experiencing contentment in your coaching business and your family members note that contentment and decide they want their own contentment?  What happens if your child witnesses you being content?  What happens when your clients notice the contentment radiating off of you?  The ripple effect begins to swell into a wave.  More and more people begin to shift to a mindset of contentment over dis-ease.


What do you think about the concept of contentment?  When you purposely plan for contentment you are much more likely to find contentment on your coaching path. Sometimes this is easier said than done.  If you are ready to shed the dis-ease, walk your own coaching path with contentment at your side, begin today with a Coaching Hive Mindful Vision by going to www.coachinghive.com/MindfulVision.  By crafting your Mindful Vision plotting your path to include contentment and joy will be much smoother.  Combine that with the help of a mentor and coach community and you will have the freedom to experiment, connect, and learn more.  And ultimately help more people live a healthy life.

Let me ask you one more time, what will happen if you have contentment built into your business each day?  With the three-step plan outlined in this podcast you will be able to build contentment inside your life and business.

If you have been following along with this series, you know that we are halfway through.  In Episode 53 we discussed how to create your own path as you build a coaching business and in this episode we took that a step further to discuss the importance of planning contentment.  Next week, we are going to talk about boredom and why that is a good thing in your business.  I can’t wait to share more about boredom with you! 

Tip for the Week

To help you stay on track this week lets end with a simple task to keep you focused.  

Craft your mission statement this week.  Be sure to touch on what you want to accomplish in your business, why you want to accomplish this and what the stakes are.  Once you have your 1-2 sentence mission statement, read it out loud each morning.  Be sure to email me a copy at moira [at] coachinghive.com and remember, if you found this episode helpful, be sure to subscribe and share the podcast with a friend and even leave a review.

Having your mission statement will provide a foundation for everything that you do, the decisions you make, and the processes you engage in your business.  What happens if you have contentment built into your business each day?  You build a business you love, you build contentment into your life, and become the thriving health coach that you want to be.

I look forward to seeing you back here next week for another episode of the Coaching Hive Podcast where a focus on mentoring and community removes the overwhelm of building your successful coaching business and adds in a dose of momentum.

Until next time, have a healthy, safe, and happy week!

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