#116: Stop Chasing Shiny Objects: Interview with LinkedIn Expert Shaily Hakimian

Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast
Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast
#116: Stop Chasing Shiny Objects: Interview with LinkedIn Expert Shaily Hakimian


It is easy to go after all the things with social media. You can hop on every platform, participate in every group, interact with everyone, and experience burnout OR you can focus your attention to where your potential client is hanging out and cut down on the time you spend on social media. LinkedIn guest expert, Shaily Hakimian shares her wisdom on social media that is not the normal post every day mentality.

Quick Show Guide

  1. (00:00 – 04:25) Navigating the Risks of Entrepreneurship Over Time – With Shaily 
  2. (04:26 – 08:39) Getting the Most Out of Motherhood: Leveraging Skills & Flexibility to Pursue Your Dream 
  3. (08:39 – 12:57) Cultivating Referrals with a Long-Term Approach to Business Development 
  4. (12:57 – 17:17) Gap Filling: Unlocking Growth Potential For Freelancers With LinkedIn 
  5. (17:17 – 21:37) Organizing Your Directionality: Helping Course Creators Strive and Profit With the Entrepreneur Mindset 
  6. (21:37 – 26:00) Ethically Networking for Course Providers: Adding the Right People for Support 
  7. (26:00 – 30:21) Scaling Your Humanness for Social Media Success 
  8. (30:21 – 34:38) Building Natural and Organic Client Relationships: Tips from a Social Media Consultant 
  9. (34:38 – 37:04) Discovering the Perfect Combination of Skills

Key Takeaways

  1. Update the website’s about section to provide people with interesting and juicy information.
  2. Invest in quality conversations over quantity.
  3. Allowing ideas to evolve, networking with the right people, and having an income while starting up are important components in starting a successful business.
  4. Leverage motherhood experience to cultivate skills and take advantage of programs such as “Pregnancy Pause”.
  5. Focus on cultivating relationships with potential customers instead of getting caught up in aesthetics.
  6. Clearly label packages and services to provide guidance to visitors.
  7. Stay consistent in providing fresh, relevant information.

Connect with Shaily Hakimian

I trust you learned a lot from Shaily and are ready to learn even more. You can connect with her at: https://www.yoursocialmediasherpa.com/empowered-in-25-minutes

Also be sure to follow her on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hakimian45/

Need a Transcript?

Full transcript available upon request. Please email moira@coachinghive.com. We want to make sure that everyone can access this podcast in a way that works best for them.

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